Tunay Na Saya Ang Dala Ng Maliit Na Tulong Ng Isang Netizen Para Sa Mag-Ama Na Kanyang Nakita Sa Daan

“It is better to give than to receive”. This is the most famous line we can hear every time people are inviting others to extend help to some who are less fortunate.
There are so many people, family and even kids who are less fortunate and they need our help. It is not so much cost if we help them in our small ways.
Being said a Facebook post of a netizen named, Jheff Villasista Balayan went viral as he touched the hearts of so many. He posted a photo of a baby girl with his father sitting just across the street.

“Nakakalungkot na makakita k ng ganito
Ngayon lang kita nakita jan, sana magkita p ulit tayo.
Ang sarap s pakiramdam na may napapangiti kang bata!
Sharing Of Blessing For All Mankind.
(It’s so sad to see something like this
I saw you just now, I hope we will see each other again.
It feels so good that you make a kid smile!
Sharing Of Blessing For All Mankind.
This is the caption of the post. The netizen who uploaded the photo gave the little girl a milk and because of it, he made her smile. The father of the baby girl is also happy because of the little help they just received and the smile of the baby is indeed priceless. It is something precious and cannot be compared to any amount of money.

If we see them, I hope all of us can help them as well.

Or if we encounter other people who are in need, please do not hesitate to help and made them smile. It always feels great to make other people happy even in our little ways. I hope that this photo made so much impact to other people especially for those who commented.
Helping is caring, always remember that.

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