Sinehan sa Switzerland, dinarayo dahil sa kanilang paggamit ng double beds sa halip na upuan

Many of us really find watching movie very relaxing. That is why when we are going to cinema to watch a good movie we are also looking for a place that is very comfortable. This is the reason why many cinemas establish a different way of putting their seats. Some uses reclining seats so people can be more comfortable when watching.
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Yet did you know that in Switzerland, there is a new concept of cinema that will really make you want to try it. The launched their newest cinema last May 9, 2019 at Pathe Schweiz. The said cinema do not have a comfortable chairs no a reclining seats yet it only just have a double beds instead of chairs. Talking about being comfortable? This one will get an A+.
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This new cinema has a feeling of “cozy home-like movie experience”. It is inside a VIP Room and there are 11 total of double beds inside that also comes with a pillow and blanket. The staffs will also give a warm slippers to those who will watch the movie while laying at the bed.
On the other hand, you can also feel how elegant the cinema is when you are inside. It has a bedside table wherein you can put your snacks. The design and color of the beds are all very classy as well.
Photo Pathe Schweiz
According to an interview of Venanzio Di Bacco, CEO of Pathé Switzerland, ““The hygiene aspect is very important to us.”.
Wondering how much will it take for you to watch inside this cinema? It costs at around $48.60 or almost 2,550PHP. For people who would not want to lay in bed because they might fall asleep, you can go to their VIP Lounge wherein you can sit at a two-seater or single sofa with a price of 19.50 francs.
Photo Pathe Schweiz
It does not end through that they also have a VIP Rooms intended for kids, wherein they can use bean bags as their chairs. It also has a slide and a ball pit where children can play while watching. How cool, right?
I wonder if this can also happen here in the Philippines?
Source(s) Pathe Schweiz, Insider

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