Kamagong, A New Filipino Anime Soon to Launched in the Philippines

Kamagong: The Animation is in production and there’s no definite release date yet, but Sinag Animation Studios president and CEO Dex Villamin said that they are looking to release the anime series... Read more »

Tampok Sa Mga Sikat Na Establisyemento Ng Dubai Ang Philippine Flag Kasabay Ng Pagdiriwang Ng Philippine Independence Day

Philippines Independence Day is one of the most memorable dates in the history of our country. Being said, every 12th of June is a must day for every Filipino to celebrate. Philippine... Read more »

Tunay Na Saya Ang Dala Ng Maliit Na Tulong Ng Isang Netizen Para Sa Mag-Ama Na Kanyang Nakita Sa Daan

“It is better to give than to receive”. This is the most famous line we can hear every time people are inviting others to extend help to some who are less fortunate.... Read more »

Kahanga-hanga Ang Dalawang Batang Ito Na Nagtatahi ng Sapatos Para may Ipambaon sa Iskwela

Being a student can sometimes be very tiring since mind and body are both working when you are studying. So it is very common to students to rest after school. Yet some... Read more »

Mga Kaibigan na Hindi Nakasama sa Gala, Ginawan ng Paraan ng Magkakaibigang Ito

A lot of group of friends experience planning a trip but at the end just three or two will come. The worst sometime no one is really available. I know a lot... Read more »

Alagang Pusa Ng Isang Lalaki Naging Inspirasyon Para Makapagtapos Ng Pag-aaral

Who would have taught that a cat will make a man be more determined to graduate? Yes this is possible. This man who recently graduated is  now trending on social media after... Read more »

Masayang Ibinahagi Ng Isang Netizen Ang Litrato Ng Isang Tatay Na Hindi Naging Hadlang Ang Edad Para Ituloy Ang Pag-aaral

Education is very important. This is something we can always treasure until we get old. Yet some people lose the chance to study when they are still young because they have to... Read more »

Netizen Encourage Everyone To Buy at This “Smiling Lolo” Who’s Selling a Bread at the Footbridge

“Hardworking and good people like him deserves much more.” This is how a netizen describe a smiling “lolo” in his Facebook post. A recent post of a netizen named, Benj Samson went... Read more »

Galit Na Customer Tinapunan ng Softdrinks ang Isang Store Manager Dahil Hindi Ito Nag Bigay Ng Straw

There are a lot of establishments, fastfood chains and restaurants are implementing the “strawless” policy. This is to help our environment reduce the number of plastic we are using. In this little... Read more »

Wonder Pulis Ng Quezon Province Hindi Alintana Ang Bagal Basta Matulungan Lang Ang Dalawang Matanda

How many among us grew up with our grandparents? I believe many of us because it is common to Filipino culture for kids to stay with their grandparents while their parents are... Read more »